How I will help you solve your coding problems!

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I have had a deep fascination with Computer Science and its many aspects since middle school. I started my “journey” by learning how to create games and apps on websites. I remember that my first major project was creating the 2 player game Chopsticks, which took me at least a few months to finish. Two other projects that I can recall were a Punnett Square Solver and an animated website about the Human Cell, which were both for my 7th grade biology class.

Some code I found for the Punnett Square Project

With the start of high school, I decided to start spending more time coding and developing my technical skills. Although I can’t ramble on all the topics I learned and all projects I created, I can share the ones I am most proud of:

  • Learned how to create AI and ML models for Image Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning, and Games
  • Learned out the basics on how to develop & deploy full-stack web applications
  • Figured how to use Unity and deployed a variety of iOS games
  • Created websites & web apps dealing with student education

But, why should you care about my journey? After all, there is a very high chance that many of you reading this article have had similar experiences and achievements. Well, the importance of my journey isn’t about what I have learned over the course of 4–5 years, but how I learned.

How will I help you?

However, during my journey I have found that there is a list of topics, concepts, and bugs either not found on these sites or not properly explained. This can place a roadblock in someone’s coding journey by preventing them from solving a problem, learning something new, or completing a project.

My goal is address these absent topics by writing about them. My primary focus will be Computer Science, with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence, Game Development, and Web/App Deployment. In the future, I may expand into different topics based on what isn’t found on the Internet and what my readers suggest.

What now?

  • Deploying applications on Heroku, AWS, Firebase, and other services
  • Customizing your website with a domain name and Google Analytics
  • Setting up your computer for running Machine Learning models
  • Connecting your applications to a variety of database options
  • All the hidden bits when working with Unity
  • Using Python to solve math problems
  • Fixing bugs in your code
  • And much more!

Thanks for reading this article until the end! I’m really glad to find people who’re as motivated about computer science as I am.

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web, mobile, & game dev || ai/ml || ui/ux || here to share my knowledge! || for more checkout

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Ashay Parikh

web, mobile, & game dev || ai/ml || ui/ux || here to share my knowledge! || for more checkout