Firebase, Express, React, Node.js. The world’s easiest web stack! Learn how to create the app of your dreams

What is FERN?

Quite simple: a collection of technologies that helps you build web apps. It is made up of 4 parts:

Firebase: A Google platform that gives you access to a bunch of developer tools, most notably their real-time, NoSQL database, which allows you to modify the database through their website.

Express: A fast and minimalist web framework for building APIs.

React: An open-source, front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Node.js: An environment that allows you to write back-end code using JavaScript.

As you can see, this web stack is perfect for new developers, especially those who are familiar with JavaScript…


Last year, I created a Python program that allowed a user to draw letters in the air with an orange highlighter. Along with being intriguing, this project is a great way to introduce Convolutional Neural Networks, Image Segmentation, and other fundamental concepts in the field of Deep Learning and Computer Vision to a beginner.

Today, I have decided to revisit this project and highlight the key steps I took in developing Air Notability.


All of my code can be found in this GitHub repository.

Step 1: Train a CNN to classify letters

To solve this problem, I started by training a CNN with the EMNIST dataset.


Create protected routes using React Router and Firebase Authentication


Let’s say you are trying to build a web application using React and Firebase. As of right now, you have completed the following steps:

  1. Created a blank, single page application: npx create-react-app .
  2. Installed the Firebase npm package: npm install --save firebase
  3. Added Firebase in the index.js file of your React: firebase.initializeApp(firebaseConfig);
  4. Created a basic signup and login UI
  5. Added Firebase Authentication code

Your next step is to route the user to a protected page. However, this brings up a few scary questions:

  • How do I add multiple pages to my single page application?
  • How do I create a protected…

Let’s see if we can forecast Timmy’s math grade using a Random Decision Forest…

From virtual teaching assistants named Jill Watson and Happy Numbers to essay grading software like Gradescope, artificial intelligence has started seeping into schools, colleges, and universities. Although it’s interesting to learn about the benefits and detriments of this development, I’m more fascinated with the following question: how can we use artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve student success?

My first stab at this broad question was seeing if we could predict student performance based on student/parent participation. From my experience, teachers often encourage students to…

How I wrote a computer program to solve a competitive math problem.

The Story

For the past 3 years, I’ve always been using math in my computer science projects. Whether it was using quadratic equations for an iOS Game or implementing matrices for a video game simulation, math always played an essential role. However, I’ve never been able to use my coding strength in the numerous competitive math contests I’ve taken, from local challenges to national competitions like the AMC 12. This all changed when I found an online, international contest called Purple Comet.

When going through the rules for the contest…

Are you a high school student who wants to learn about neural networks but doesn’t understand the crazy, complicated math? Well, let me help you…


Neural networks: the most recognized and well-known algorithm associated with Artificial Intelligence right now. Whether this claim is true (or not true), many students that I know often hear this word before learning about Support Vector Machines, Naive Bayes, or Logistic Regression. They get fascinated with the “brain-like” structure of the network and its ability to classify images of cats and dogs, generate handwritten digits, filter e-mail, and even predict the future😕?

Although some of…


AP Testing this year was a unique, emotional, and stressful experience for many students across the world. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, College Board decided to change their AP schedule and move all exams online. This decision, the first in “AP History,” brought changes to timing, format, content, and skills in a short amount of time. Students, teachers, and administrators had only a few weeks to modify their plans and prepare for the modified AP exam. …

Did you ever want to add a domain name to your website but didn’t know how? Well, let me tell you…


Have you ever created a stunning website, constructed with the prominent language HTML, reinforced by JavaScript, and polished with CSS3 and Bootstrap? I have in the past, but just like all of you right now, I had faced a dilemma: I didn’t know how to add a domain name!

Adding a domain name to your website may seem scary, but it’s really not. In this article, I’m going to explain how to use Google Domains, Google’s domain name registration…


Let me create a scenario: You have just typed a few hundred lines of Python code using Keras that solves some machine learning problem. You’ve gathered all the data, did the preprocessing, designed the model structure, and evaluated the model. But, there’s one step you DIDN’T do: click run. When completing this final step, you have THREE options:

a.) Run the model on your ancient, super slow 2010 Dell Inspiron 15R

b.) Run your model using a $700 NVIDIA GPU that you bought from Best Buy

c.) Run the model on GPU instances from a cloud service for less than…


If you are creating a Node.js application that keeps track of data, chances are you are using some sort of a database. Even though there are many options for databases, such as MongoDB, Firebase, and PostgreSQL, MySQL remains one of the most popular databases for web-based applications. It’s free, offers a lot of functionality, has a variety of user interfaces, and can be made to work with other databases. What’s there not to like about MySQL?

However, setting up hosting and connecting a MySQL database to a server can get tricky, especially if you are hosting on the notorious AWS…

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